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Kissing Frogs (the good, bad and the green...)

One thing that brings people to counselling or therapy is they want to change. It may be how they relate to others or themselves. They may be considering a change to their career or ending a relationship. People sometimes realise that their 'modus operandi' simply no longer works and they are stuck in a rut. This can apply to failed diets, forgotten friends or staying in a job that really bores or frustrates them. Maybe that rut or way of being is so entrenched we can't see a way around, through, over or under it? Like a bad road we are stuck on it.

Counselling often provides a space where we can look at how we deal or work with, or against, what life throws at us. Some of us embrace chance, some don't. Some of us kind of know what we would like to do with our life but we are surrounded by voices telling us to be sensible and we what we should do, those voices can often be those drilled into our minds. Meanwhile in our heart we have a little voice (call it a froglet) saying 'no, that's not what I want!' But what do we do with it?

This is where the frog kissing comes in..... Not many of us willingly go around kissing frogs, they are green, possibly unpleasant to touch and can be difficult to pin down. Developing our self-awareness can be like this! (maybe not the green bit). We can often encounter parts of our 'self' that we don't like, have buried, denied or ignored. We cover these aspects with things we think (or have been told) will make us good or likeable, such as 'be nice' 'it's important to....' and we can end up feeling fake or 'not real'. This process of unpicking our story can be uncomfortable.

Talking it through helps us reconnect with that inner voice or froglet, by showing it love, respect, acknowledging it's realness can help us get in touch with our authentic self. It is not always easy and it takes time. Whether you get a prince or something similar at the end is another matter but most people find their unique self easier to be with.

If you find yourself drawn to kissing your frog, contacting a counsellor can be really helpful however we will not do the kissing for you.

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